About Us

This quaint origin story begins in the year 2011 in the humble abode of founder Andrew Frahm's where he took it upon himself to repair his own iPhone 4 (which was successful even after missing a few screws). The name Kixup was actually originally crowd funded for a previous startup Andrew founded called Kixup Online Budgeting, an app for managing your personal budget. While this app didn't go ahead as planned the Kixup legacy continued and in 2014 Andrew was the go-to man in his circle of friends and family to repair phones. Kixup iPhone Repairs really started to grow as referrals started coming in from different local businesses such as the Telstra shop in Mount Isa amounting in him doing 1-2 repairs a week. The garage he was working out of started becoming a little too small. So 2016 came around and it was time to officially open an office - hello West Street, Mount Isa. With all the busyness, a few months later we had our first staff member. There was still one issue, because of our name it was only iPhones that people came in wanting to fix up (with good reason). And so Kixup iPhone Repairs became Kixup Repairs. 3 years later as the business grew we relocated to a new home on Simpson Street in January of 2019. By the end of the year we had 3 staff members and had done over 6,000 repairs. Now operating as a business for 7 years we officially opened a new store in Gladstone, QLD in March 2021 to expand our passion and desire to help keep people connected to their loved ones through the devices in our pockets.

Our values

Be WOW: Always Be Learning: Be detail orientated - the little things matter: Take Initiative: Be respectful.

Our Vision

To enable people to stay connected with each other longer.

Our Mission

To repair 100,000 phones by 2025 - We're currently at just over 12,000