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The tough and flexible 3SIXT Kids Case is a free-standing lightweight case that is great fun to use while offering ultimate protection from adventurous and clumsy little hands.

Tough and flexible | Easy-hold handle | Multiple viewing angles

Kidproof Protection Kids are known for being rough with their toys, protect your iPad from rambunctious little hands with this durable shockproof cover.

These cases are designed to be resistant to the random spills, bumps, and sudden drops that you expect from your little ones, protecting their iPad in a layer of durable, kid-safe EVA foam material that insulates their tablet from daily use. These cases come in bright, eye-catching colors that your kids are sure to love, and feature a rotating, rugged-grip handle so your child can carry their tablet around like a suitcase.

Designed For Long-Lasting Use Find your peace of mind the next time you hand that expensive tablet to your child. These covers are specially molded to securely hold the iPad tablet without preventing the use of any of its features. Cut-outs allow for full volume speaker and camera usage while a pop-out on the bottom of the case lets you charge your tablet without ever removing it from its protective shell.

The handle on the case is designed to rotate 360 degrees so your child can prop up their tablet in a portrait view, allowing them to watch their favorite streaming videos, movies, or TV shows without having to hold the tablet. It's the perfect hands-free way to your child entertained.

Drop-Proof, Shock-Proof, Almost-Everything-Proof You may not know this, but your child could be suffering from a condition known as "butterfingers." It's a very common occurrence among most young children and is the leading cause of destroyed tablets in Australia. This shockproof case is on the front lines in the war against butterfingers, protecting your expensive device through even the wildest of temper tantrums.

EVA foam is light, spongy, and non-toxic, creating a protective shell around your iPad without adding cumbersome weight that could make it more difficult to carry. The case is relatively thin, so you can keep your child's tablet protected while still being able to fit it into their backpack so they can take their iPad to school. Even a day full of jostling around in a child's backpack won't be enough to destroy their tablet once it's protected by a soft foam cover.

Easy Installation

Quickly lock your iPad in place with these simple steps:

1. Remove the plastic through the opening in the back of the cover

2. Line up home key and camera with the cut-outs on the front of the cover

3. Slide iPad through the opening in the back of the cover; make sure the camera is unobscured by the case

4. Adjust the flap over edge of iPad to fit the case securely around device



NOT CHEMICALLY TREATED Be worry free while the case is in the hands of your child, after all hand washing is the best defense against germs. No need to be concerned about the effects of unknown anti-bacterial chemicals causing rashes or reactions while your child is playing on their tablet.

KID FRIENDLY  Protective carrying case and stand for the Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, & iPad Air 2 (select appropriate model above)

CHILDPROOF, HEAVY DUTY, DROP PROOF, RUGGED IPAD PROTECTOR  Durable rubberized 100% non-toxic EVA foam cushion for best shockproof protection. Tough bumper fully covers back of device. Raised bezel around edges protects display from face first hard screen falls, shock and impact.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CARRYING CASE Large handle designed for comfortable one handed grip (suitable for smaller children's hands) for easy carry and travel. Handle folds into upright kickstand for watching movies or improved typing angle.

IDEAL FOR BOYS, GIRLS, TODDLERS, SCHOOL, GIFT Made of strong & lightweight, colourful, sturdy, child friendly and kid safe EVA foam to guard your iPad.

iPad 2/3/4 model:

 3sixt iPad 2 3 4 kids case front

iPad Air model:

 3sixt iPad Air kids case front

iPad Air 2 model:

 3sixt iPad Air 2 kids case front

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