Apple iPhone unknown part error message

Are You Seeing an 'Unknown Part Message' on Your iPhone?

Hey there,

Did your beloved iPhone suddenly start showing an 'Unknown Part Message'? Don't worry, you're not alone, and we at Kixup Repairs are here to help!

As an Apple-authorised repair shop with over 20,000 successful repairs under our belt, we've seen it all. From cracked screens to faulty batteries, and yes, the pesky 'Unknown Part Message'.

You see, even if your phone seems to be working perfectly fine post-repair, it might still throw a tantrum in the form of this notification. And here's the kicker: you'll get these messages even if the new parts are genuine ones from another OEM iPhone. Talk about being picky, right?

But why does this happen, you ask? Well, it's all down to a little thing called 'calibration'. Apple requires the new genuine parts to be 'calibrated' to prevent your iPhone from misunderstanding them as non-genuine parts.

So the next time you see that 'Non-Genuine Part' notification, don't panic - it's just your iPhone being extra cautious.

Here are some examples of what you might see if you're experiencing the unknown part message:

Important Battery Message

Important Display Message - What you'll see when you replace a screen with a "non-genuine" part.

Important Camera Message - What you'll see wen you replace the rear cameras with "non-genuine" parts.

But fear not, we've got the expertise to get your phone back in tip-top shape.