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At Kixup Repairs, we know that a broken phone can feel like losing an arm (or a leg)! 💪 That's why our team of gadget gurus in Mount Isa is here to swoop in and save the day.

From iPhone screen repairs to other phone model fixes, we've got the skills to make your device as good as new.

Cracked screens? Water damage? Battery on the fritz? Fear not! Our trusty technicians have you covered. Just fill out our nifty online form with the deets - device brand, model, and a brief tale of woe - and we'll whip up a quote quicker than you can say "Kixup Mount Isa."

Whether it's an iPhone repair or tending to other phone models, we're committed to providing top-notch service without breaking the bank. You'll be reunited with your beloved device in no time (aww). 🥰

So, don't let a busted phone rain on your parade.

Request a quote from Kixup Repairs, and let us work our magic on your iPhone screen, Samsung battery, Oppo glass, and more. Together, we'll conquer the perils of phone mishaps and live happily ever after! 📱✨


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