Water/liquid damage

Oh no! You just dropped your phone in water

Let's be real, it's more likely you jumped (or got pushed) into a pool with your phone in your pocket.

The first thing many people think of is to put it in rice. Now it sounds like a good idea, the rice will absorb all the water and the phone will start working again.

It makes sense, and that is what rice does. But therein lies the problem. ✋ 🛑 

Phone jumping into Rice gif

Quite often it’s not the water that causes the problem, it’s what’s in the water. Water is full of minerals and other junk that gets left behind when the water is absorbed by the rice.

The junk that's left behind causes corrosion, which in turn causes short circuits and stops your phone from working at all.

So what do you do when your phone goes for a swim? 🏊‍♀️ 

First thing you want to do is turn it off. Do NOT try to charge it or power it back on.

Unfortunately you need to be prepared to replace the phone. Once a phone gets water inside of it, it becomes very unreliable and there is no way to effectively guarantee the phone won’t have issues in future if it is able to work again. It's essentially like patching up a huge hole with sticky tape.

So what about your photos and videos, all your memories on your phone? Hopefully you have been backing up your phone (if not learn how HERE). However, this is the real world, and we understand that not everyone knows how, or it’s something we forever thought we'd “do tomorrow”.

While we do have skin in the game, our perfectly unbiased and honest opinion is to take it to a repair shop that is able to do micro-soldering and data recovery ASAP. These repair shops have technicians that should be able to open your device and work on the logic board inside the device to recover those memories.

Phone Logic Board - credit: Fixxo

We've been opening up previously wet phones for years with a great success rate. Need your data saved? Reach out and drop your phone off or mail it in to one of our repair centres and let our team help recover those precious memories and send them to you on a USB!

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