Not charging

How can you use your device if it doesn't charge?

battery not charging memeNews flash, you can't!

We're not talking about you not plugging the charger into the wall properly, or even into your phone properly for that matter. This is about your device not charging no matter what you try.

This issue may need you to give us your phone to replace the charging socket, but there are a few things you can try.

  • use a different cable, charger, socket or adapter
  • clean the dirt or debris in the charging port
  • delete third party apps interrupting the charging process
  • do a software update

I want to run you through a few solutions regarding the above points.


Although many chargers and cables look the same, they can differ greatly in quality and charging speed. We always recommend using the genuine chargers or a high quality alternative. 

Firstly, check for any damage on the adapter or cable. This could be bent prongs or frayed cables. Once you have gone through that quality check, make sure you're trying to charge via a wall powerpoint instead of a laptop or similar.

frayed iphone charging cable

Clean The Charging Port

We're not going to recommend you get a sharp pin or knife and put it in there to clean it. Although it may seem logical, there are some important components located there that you could damage. You can shine a torch inside the port and blow into it, but it you see an excess build up you need to take it into a professional for a clean. It's actually pretty satisfying to watch to be honest. 


@kixuprepairs There’s something so satisfying about cleaning phones 😍 #PhoneRepair #Phones #iPhone ♬ original sound - Kixup Phone Repairs

Reboot Your Device

Turning your device off and on again allows the device to reset it's temporary memory. It's a long shot that this will help, but you may as well try it!

Update Your Software

Updates help fix certain bugs and issues so it may be worth jumping into your settings and seeing if there's an available update.

Run Your Phone On Safe Mode

This is for Android users only. Safe Mode allows your device to run on its original interface without any third-party apps. If this fixes the issue, that means that one of the apps you've downloaded is causing the issues. 

Other Problems

Of course there's 101 things that could be causing this issue. You could've dropped your phone in water, the battery could be damaged or swollen, or the actual charging port could be damaged.

Donald Trump charging phone meme

So What Now?

If you've tried those steps and your device is still not charging, it's time to book an assessment. We may need to repair some components.

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