No Power

Did you go to pick up your phone or tablet to check Facebook and discover the worst has happened...your device responds to your clicks and touches by being pitch black with no sign of life.

How can you fix this issue ASAP so life can go back to normal?
Since this issue can be caused by the most simple and some complicated internal errors that's not an easy question.

I will state the obvious to begin this post, have you tried charging your device (even with a different cable)?

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If that fixes your issue straight away the least you can do is go follow us on Instagram when your device boots up.

For the rest of you, let's buckle up and try to deal with this problem head on. 

Let's make sure we're on the same page. You reading this means your device is fully unresponsive. If it is turned on and just has distorted patterns and a smashed screen you're better off going HERE. You can double check if it's on or off by calling your phone from someone else's phone, or even trying to access Siri, Bixpy or Google Assistant. Another quick solution could be to simply do a hard reset which involves you holding down the power button until it turns off and back on again.

soft and hard reset iPhone credit:

What you shouldn't do is just throw your device away. Don't stress, you haven't lost all your memories on there. Even if your device has some serious issues and it's more economical to buy a new phone we can still try and recover your photo, videos and other data for you. If you've dropped your device in water I would recommend giving THIS a read and coming in to get your data recovered ASAP. 

If you've tried the above with no luck, it might be time to consider bringing your device in to see us. We will need to assess it. This involves us conducting a few tests to see where the issue may lie and even opening it up and seeing if we can identify any common problems. 

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