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There's nothing more frustrating than getting your phone repaired with low-quality cheap parts, only to have it break again months later, costing you even MORE money. That's why we're here to break that streak and be the high-quality repair shop you need!

We Make Your Phone Look & Feel Like New

You don't need to be walking around with a cracked screen, charging your phone twice a day or spending thousands constantly repairing due to the use of poor quality parts. Our heart breaks when people spend thousands buying a new device, when they can simply spend hundreds and get exactly what they're after.
"Staff were great happy to supply battery and repair with honesty, and compassion for the product and customer care. I will return with any other future repairs or accessories I need to purchase."
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Joyce McClure

Thanks guys!

"Had a great experience, had my battery replaced on my iPhone however overnight I noticed my screen was going a bit funny, possibly a nicked a wire but I am no tech savvy! My screen wasn't in the best condition anyway, but they were happy to replace it as it was a new issue when I brought it back in the next day."
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Angela Watkins

10/10 would recommend these guys.

"I recently did an update on my iPhone and it would not start. Loosing all precious photos and messages. I thought would never retrieve especially those of my deceased daughter. There service is amazing but prices so affordable. They have also assisted with my computer and backing up. Cannot say enough about how amazed I am with service and price."
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Jane Eisling

Recommend to anyone

"My screen needed replacing so I called to make sure they had one in stock which they did. Dropped my mobile off into them and had it back within a couple of hours. I honestly cannot ask for better or friendlier service than that."
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I highly recommend these guys. 🙂


Booking Online?
This is how it works.

If you're a local to Mount Isa or Cloncurry, this is the option for you. 

Once you find the repair that you need, simply place your order and your phone can be as good as new in a matter of days.

Run By Locals Just Like You

At Kixup Repairs, we know you are the kind of person who wants to be able to stay connected to your friends and family.

In order to do that, you need devices that actually reliably work. The problem is, as I'm sure you know, technology eventually starts failing, which makes you feel frustrated and disconnected.

We believe you have the right to working devices all day, every day - whether it's time for the yearly Rodeo, or you're stumbling home after a night at the Isa hotel. We understand that we're in the middle of Australia, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have access to the best quality nation wide.

That’s why we set out to fix 100,000 phones 📱 

Here’s how it works, you simply find your device on our website, put the order through, you drop it off at our store on Simpson Street, we fix it up within a few hours or days if we have the part in stock, and you'll have your device that looks and feels like new again. Once you book your repair in, you can stop getting frustrated at your broken tech, and start taking control of the way you connect with people.

Phone camera repair with Kixup Repairs
Fear not, selfie enthusiasts! Our phone camera repairs will keep you snapping those fabulous memories in no time!
Phone battery replacement with Kixup Repairs
Tired of the eternal bond with your charger? Set yourself free with our affordable phone battery replacements!
Fixing mobile phones in Mount Isa
We've fixed phones for a crowd larger than Mount Isa's population—trust us, we know our way around gadgets!
Kixup IT business growth and cyber security
We take security seriously, your data (and secrets) are safe with us! No sneaky snooping or dastardly data deals, guv'nor! 🕵️‍♂️📵💼

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