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We know how frustrating it is when your beloved iPhone or iPad suffers an unexpected accident.

From cracked screens to battery woes, life without your device can be a real struggle.

Fret not, fellow Apple aficionados!

Kixup Repairs is here to save the day with our top-notch repair services, skilled technicians, and speedy turnaround times. Your device will be back in action before you can say "Apple-tastic!"

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Expertise: Our Apple-savvy technicians are wizards at fixing iPhones and iPads

Convenience: Same-day service gets your device back in your hands ASAP 

Affordability: Competitive pricing ensures you get the best bang for your buck

Why Our Customers Love Us!

I recently did an update on my iPhone and it would not start. Loosing all precious photos and messages. I thought would never retrieve especially those of my deceased daughter. There service is amazing but prices so affordable. They have also assisted with my computer and backing up. Cannot say enough about how amazed I am with service and price. Recommend to anyone.

Jane Eisling

Thanks for the quick same day iPhone battery replacement by Scott @ Kixup Repairs. Great service!!

Philip Fleming

I’ve had 3 iPhones plus a iPad fixed in the last few months, posted via mail, not a hassle organising and returned quiet quickly, excellent communication and services from this business, I’m a return customer and will be having all my iPhones fixed by this company in the future. The price is also reasonable for the repairs. Very happy with the repairs and services provided by this business. Would highly recommend.

Aus Chickie

Taken my PC to get fixed and my Iphone screen. Super quick, super reliable and great customer service 👍🏻

Kat R

Very good customer service and speedy repair of my iPhone. Very happy customer and prices was really fair.

Fetuliaina Pama

Really great customer service 👍🏽 I had taken a iPhone 7+ in to get fixed for a friend front screen needed to be replaced & the guys at Kixup done a really good job. Pricing was fair an it didn't take long for the screen to be replaced. Awesome work, will definitely come back if I need another phone fixed.

Rosie Hoeta

Great service! I took my iPhone 7 there as it was not charging and I thought it needed a battery replacement. The staff member gave it a good clean out (I had already done this and didn’t think it would work) popped it on charge for 10 mins and voila my phone was charging again 😊 really thankful for their honesty! They could have told me I needed a new battery and ripped me off but they are genuine and honest and it is very much appreciated! They also didn’t charge me a cent for the time it took either so highly recommend Kixup Repairs. Thanks guys!

Rachel M

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