Who Is Kixup Repairs?

Behold! Kixup Repairs, the wizards of smartphone healing, boasting a dazzling journey of 8 years, over 20,000 triumphant restores, and an astonishing 300 gleaming five-star Google reviews! Allow us to unveil our saga and empower you to unite with your device in a blissful symphony of gadgetry love.

Our Story

Ah, the tale of Kixup Repairs - a charming blend of technology, happy accidents, and a plucky entrepreneur. Rewind to 2011, when our protagonist Andrew Frahm tinkered away to fix his iPhone 4. Despite losing some screws, he emerged victorious.

Fate knocked on Andrew's door, disguised as a failed crowd-funded attempt for Kixup Online Budgeting, an app that never took flight. But the name Kixup clung to Andrew like glue - and fast-forward to 2014, he became the unofficial phone-fixing wizard for pals and kin.

And then, the mighty forces of word-of-mouth turned Kixup iPhone Repairs from garage-sized enterprise to repairing slayer, with Telstra's shop in Mount Isa sending business his way. And so, the legend of Kixup grew, and the garage? Well, it shrank in comparison.
Enter 2016: The dawn of our swanky new office on West Street, Mount Isa. Though thriving, our name apparently screamed "iPhones only, please!".

So, *abracadabra* Kixup iPhone Repairs transformed into Kixup Repairs. Fast forward three years, one fancy relocation to Simpson Street, three trusty sidekicks, and 6,000 triumphant repairs later, Kixup Repairs continues to save the digital day!

Celebrating 7 sizzling years in business, we've just unleashed a shiny new store in Gladstone, QLD! Unveiled in March 2021, it's a lovechild of our relentless drive to keep folks across the continent connected with their dear ones (all through the magic of those nifty little devices that snugly fit in our pockets).

The Kixup Values

  • Be WOW

    Exceed Expectations and seek to amaze in every interaction
  • Always Be Learning

    Take ownership of your own growth
  • Be Detail Orientated

    The little things matter
  • Take Initative

    Don't wait
  • Be Respectful

    Have integrity

Our mission is to enhance CommunicationConnectionCollaboration

Meet Our Team


Andrew Frahm

Andrew is our globe-trotting tech whiz with a soft spot for soccer and flying drones. Hailing from Gympie, he traded small town life for the sun-soaked coastlines post-high school. After wrapping up his degree in IT, he's spent the last 10+ years sprinkling his genius at big businesses worldwide.

In 2018, he bagged the coveted "World's Coolest Dad" title as little Ahren joined the fam. Did we mention he's been a soccer fan since age 5 and even reached the state level in his late teens? Yep, Andrew is kicking goals in more ways than one!

Natalie Frahm

Customer Service Manager
Introducing Natalie Frahm, our Customer Service guru!

But this lady isn't just a whiz at answering customer queries - she's also an epic cook with a new-found talent for smoking meats. When she's not busy manning the phones, you'll find her out and about, camping, motorbike riding, or skateboarding her way around town. Oh, and did we mention she's a Muay Thai boxing fanatic? Talk about a well-rounded individual (one that you wouldn't mess with 😬)!

Natalie's partner is a FIFO worker, and they have two cheeky kiddos, Tayden and Kirby, who are responsible for keeping her on her toes (and her grey hairs coming through). All in all, we reckon Natalie is an absolute rockstar and we're stoked to have her on our team. alike for us at Kixup! 😉

Candace O'Sullivan

Mount Isa Store Manager
Originally hailing from Brisbane, Candace ventured out to the mining town for work and now calls it her home sweet home.

This boss lady is not just all business, though - she's also a proud mama of two little dudes, Elijah (9) and Ollivander (2). When she's not crushing it at work, she's busy indulging in her hobbies - an avid reader and a talented baker and cook. So, prepare for some delicious treats at your next morning meeting. Plus, she's the proud owner of a lazy labrador, who'll snore his way through our meetings with style.

Tom Mclean

Retail & Tech Superstar
Meet Tom McLean, our own techie wizard and retail guru. Hailing from the magical Gladstone, he's got a penchant for turning tech troubles into gaming triumphs.

When not assisting customers, you'll find him levelling up, tinkering with gadgets, and sprinkling some skill on his pals' streams. Oh, and did we mention his canine sidekick? Pushing 16 years, that pup's got more XP than all of us!

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The Next Kixup Superstar
Join the fun, reliable and customer-centric team at Kixup Repairs!

We are a top-rated phone repair shop with a belief in providing quality work and value to our clients. If you're passionate about tech and customer service, we want to hear from you! Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, we offer a positive and supportive atmosphere where everyone's expertise is valued. 

With the latest technology and repair solutions, you'll be part of a growing team that guarantees a great work experience. Submit your resume today and become part of our family!

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