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How Long Does A Phone Repair Take?

The long story short answer is that most repairs are done within 24 hours.
The more nuanced answer is that it will take varying time depending on the issue.

Phone Models

The reality is if you're needing to repair an iPhone 11 or Samsung S20, we're a lot more likely to have the part in stock and do a quick repair. Especially compared to something like a Google Pixel 4 or Motorola phones, in which we may need to order the part in from our suppliers.

Screen repairs and battery repairs

These can take 1-3 hours. The major factors impacting the duration is having the part in stock, and how busy we are. It's a good idea to reach out to our customer service team before coming in to confirm that we have the part in stock, or purchase the repair on our website so we can order the stock before you come in.
Generally speaking, mornings are our quietest times. Because of this, most customers drop their phone off early in the day, go shopping and run some errands, and then come back to pick up their phone a few hours later.
The one caveat is with genuine parts. If you've requested we use a genuine Apple screen, it may take 1-2 weeks to get the part from the Apple Parts Warehouse.

Quality Over Speed

I know you want your phone back ASAP, but I think it's also important to note that we will never speed up the repair if we feel like it may risk the quality of the job. Sometimes we need to double check our work with other technicians and run diagnostics to make sure everything is tip-top. We offer lifetime warranty on our repairs because we're confident in our ability.
Funnily enough, we're in the business of you not coming back to us (unless needed) 😂

Logic Board & Audio Problems

These issues are a lot more technical, can require specific parts and even microsoldering. After inspection we'll let you know exactly how long a part could take to arrive and when the repair will be completed by.

The Benefit Of Going Local

Big repair centres like Apple and Samsung don't hide the fact that they take 1-2 weeks at the minimum. They obviously have a huge volume of device repairs going in. Not to mention that you might have to send your device off to their overseas service centres (at your own cost).
Going local means supporting your domestic economy, getting a quicker repair, most likely cheaper, and you won't be sacrificing quality if you choose a reputable repair company such as Kixup Repairs.
We're always upfront with how long a repair will take. I think you'll find most repair shops are like this.
If you're needing your phone repaired, simply book it in via our website or contact our customer service team!
Tom, Kixup Repairs