How Much does it cost to fix and repair a broken phone screen LCD

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Broken Phone Screen?

Do you want the short answer?

Just joking!

A screen repair for phones, tablets, watches and even laptops can be a relatively simple repair. In this blog post I'll go through a few different categories as well as give you a guide to how to set your expectations with price. 

Each model and brand will vary in cost due to difficulty, cost of parts and whether or not you'd like a genuine screen or if you're happy with Aftermarket. With certain tablets the extent of the damage is also relevant.

You can find all the costs to your phone model HERE


 I suppose it's only right to start with the phone that most people have. The cost of iPhone screens vary between $110 for an iPhone 6 to $495 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If we were to widen the scope to the iPhone 13 Pro Max we'd be looking at $519. There are of course distinct differences as well. Given that we're an Apple authorised repairer we have access to genuine Apple parts and tools for repairs. So you can opt for a genuine Apple screen, or a high quality aftermarket screen. Both get the job done well, but there is a price difference. For example, let's look at the iPhone 11 Pro. For an aftermarket screen the repair price is $320, whereas the price would be $430 to use an original and genuine screen. If that price difference is worth it for you, then we're happy to go with whatever you're happy with. 


The price for Samsung has a much larger variety since there's a lot of sub models. This includes the Tab A series, S series, Note series and so forth. With Samsung we only use Genuine Samsung Service Centre parts. We made that decision because we couldn't find high quality aftermarket screens. We could pretty save a few dollars going with an aftermarket supplier, but since we offer a Lifetime warranty on all repairs, that would really come to bite us in the bum. Offering a low quality screen is not how we roll. That being said, these repairs can vary between $185 for the A11 all the way to $525 for the S21 Ultra. 


The Google Pixel has become a very popular phone over the years so we think they deserve a spot here. These repairs vary between $240 and $350 and feature premium quality screens. We found that a high quality aftermarket screen passed all our tests so we offer them so we can have a more competitive price. This is of course all inclusive with our Lifetime warranty.


We like Oppo phones. They are simple, elegant, and cheap to fix up. You can get a new high-quality screen installed for between $140-210. 

Other Phones

Of course, we know there wasn't a mention of many other popular brands such as LG, Motorola, Sony and Microsoft. If you have one of these, please reach out to us via social media or the contact section of the website 

Bundle Deals

You read that right. Deals. I'm not sure if other repair shops offer this, but we sure do. If you need multiple parts of your phone repaired we can give you a discount. It's not any set amount and varies based of issue. But, for example if you have an iPhone 11 and you needed to repair and screen and the back glass we would only charge $400 compared to $415 if seperate. Or add a battery replacement for $80 instead of the usual $95. This of course, softens the blow for you, and makes it more convenient for us to sort everything out for your phone while we have it opened up. Unfortunately you won't be able to go through the website to access these deals, but please reach out to us in whatever way is convenient to you and we'll look after you the best way we know how.

You have two ways of getting this done. Either in our stores or by mailing your device in. Either way, we'll look after you. Book your repair in today by clicking Book A Repair