How To Avoid Costly Phone Repairs

How To Avoid Costly Phone Repairs

If you own a phone, chances are you've had to deal with a cracked screen, water damage, or other repairs. These can be expensive to fix, but there are ways to avoid costly repairs. Here are some tips for keeping your phone in tip-top shape.

Get a phone case - this will help protect your phone from drops and scratches

Dropping or scratching your phone can quickly put a dent in your wallet. Even little bumps and scrapes can mean phone repairs, which can be costly and time-consuming. Investing in a phone case is an easy, affordable way to help protect your phone against these typical wear and tear issues.

A few dollars spent on a phone case - made specifically for your phone, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung or any other device - can spare you from expensive repairs down the road. Plus, phone cases come in countless styles, designs, and colors – so you’re sure to find one that fits both your phone and personal style!

Protecting your phone with a phone case is like adding an extra layer of armour to shield it against the everyday mishaps we all experience! In today’s world of digital devices, phone cases are now an essential accessory for any smartphone owner. Don’t wait until after drops or scratches take their toll on your phone – invest in a phone case as a preventative measure today!

Use a screen protector - this will keep your screen looking new and avoid scratches

A screen protector is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to keep your phone’s display looking as good as new. We use Protection Pro by Madico, a trusted brand we trust when it comes to screen protectors. Not only are they great quality – resistant to scratches and scuffs – but we also offer bundle deals so you can get discounts on multiple purchases. Plus, these babies are simple to apply on any phone model: in just 5 minutes you can have your screen perfectly protected.

The screen protector we use is designed with clarity and visibility in mind – you won't even be able to tell it's there! In addition, we make sure we're always stocked up on all models and sizes of phones so we can ensure we could meet anyone’s need for street protection. So come visit us for a new protector today!

Be careful with your phone - don't drop it or sit on it

We all know that phones are delicate things. Handle them with care and you'll be able to keep them in good working order for a long time; mishandle them even slightly, however, and you could end up with broken screens or buttons that don't work properly.

There are plenty of ways to damage your phone without even trying — dropping it on the ground, leaving it too close to a heat source, or sitting on it (of all the bad choices!). Even if you take great care not to fumble with your phone, accidents can happen, so try not to get stressed if something goes wrong.

Take precautions – use a sturdy case, invest in tempered glass screens – but also accept that mishaps do happen sometimes! A broken screen is never an ideal situation, but if you're relatively careful most of the time then it's not an insurmountable problem either. Just remember: when it comes to your phone, handle with care. That way you won't have to worry about unpleasant surprises!

Take care of your battery - don't let it run down all the way before charging it again

We all rely on our battery-powered devices constantly, but they can quickly become unusable if not taken care of properly. To get the most out of them battery-wise, you must keep it somewhat charged at all times and make sure it never runs down completely - doing so will result in diminished battery life in the long run, as lithium-ion batteries don't function as well when they're constantly being drained.

If your battery has totally drained too many times, it may be time for battery replacement - otherwise, you can maintain its health simply by making sure it's always kept halfway full. Keeping an eye on this often overlooked detail is essential to avoiding any battery problems down the line; take the time to do so for a battery that'll stick with you for years to come!

Bring your phone to a repair shop if you have any problems

Do you have any problems with your phone? Maybe it won't charge properly or the touch screen isn't responding correctly. Whatever the issue, take it to a repair shop! stores in Gladstone and Mount Isa offer Australia wide shipping and even a lifetime warranty on repairs.

It doesn't matter if your device is an Apple, Samsung, Google or Huawei – they are equipped to handle them all. So why not err on the side of caution and get your phone problems solved professional instead of trying to fix it yourself?

We have stores in Gladstone and Mount Isa and can do mail-in repairs from Australia wide. Don't hesitate – visit a repair shop today for fast and reliable solutions!  This is the smartest way to handle any phone-related issues! You'll be glad you did.  It'll save time and time - plus money in the long run!

Don't wait any longer – head over to a repair shop near you now.  We've got your back when you need help with your phone! Trust us – your trusty tech will thank you for it!

Happy surfing!  And that's how easy it is to sort out whatever problems you might have with your device - be it software, hardware or something else entirely. All thanks to our flagship stores in Gladstone and Mount Isa that offer Australia wide shipping and lifetime warranties on repairs – so why not take advantage of this service today? 

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