Oppo Mobile Phone Repairs

Oppo Mobile Phone Repairs

If you’re looking for a quick and reliable repair service for your Oppo phone, look no further than Kixup Repairs! With over 250 five-star reviews and locations in Mount Isa & Gladstone, you can get your Oppo repairs taken care of in no time.

Whether it’s the Oppo R9S Plus, A53, the R15 Pro, or even the F1s, we can fix any model of Oppo phone with ease. From Oppo screen repairs, glass replacement, LCD repairs or battery replacement, our technicians can repair any software or hardware issues that you may have – all while guaranteeing quality results. Our parts are sourced from only the best brands so you can be sure they’ll last.

Are we not located near one of our conveniently located stores? No worries! We offer shipping Australia wide so you can get your phone fixed wherever you are. We even offer a lifetime warranty on all of our repairs so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs down the line.

With competitive prices and excellent customer service, there's why Kixup is one of Australia's most highly rated repair services. We always strive to give our customers the best possible experience. Our terms and conditions are transparent and easy to understand so that everyone knows their rights when getting their device fixed by us. And if you’re ever unsure about anything or just want some extra information before deciding whether or not to go ahead with repairs, contact us anytime – we're here to help!

So if your Oppo phone is having any sort of issue at all – hardware or software – don't hesitate to reach out today and find out how Kixup Repairs can help! With fast turnarounds and top quality products, we'll make sure your device is back up and running in no time.

Oppo Repairs Australia Wide

Whether you’re living in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane, we provide fast and reliable repair services for your damaged Oppo Phone screens. From a screen replacement, back glass replacement to non-responsive touchscreens, you can ship your phone in to us and we'll handle it with care!

All of our work is covered by a lifetime warranty so you know your precious device is in safe hands with Kixup Repairs. By using modern technology and high quality parts we ensure that when we repair devices, they perform just like new again! Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the latest mobile phones on the market and can assist customers with finding the right solutions for their needs

Choose your Oppo model

Oppo is a leading mobile manufacturer in the world, offering a wide range of models and features. At Kixup Repairs, we offer repairs for many Oppo models including the R9 Plus, F1s, and R7 Plus. Our team of experienced technicians are able to repair cracked screens, replace broken parts and provide a quote on any fixes you need.

We understand how important it is to have your phone functioning properly and use only the highest quality replacement parts. For example, those of you who have the Oppo R9s know that it's one Oppo's most popular models, (Featuring a unique design with an all-metal unibody frame for durability. It also has an impressive 5.5” AMOLED display that makes gaming and watching videos a pleasure. Additionally, the phone uses Dual SIM technology so you can use two different network connections at once.) you don't want to give that phone to dodgy repair shops that could do more harm than good.

Kixup Repairs can address any issue you may encounter with your Oppo – from a screen replacement to software issues – working quickly and efficiently to get your phone back up and running as soon as possible.

Oppo Repairs Price List Screen Replacement

You can find the charge of a screen replacement on this list of our screen replacement prices HERE. If you can't see or choose your Oppo, you can contact us for a free quote on the repair you need.

Is it worth replacing a cracked screen on an Oppo?

When it comes to deciding if it's worth replacing a cracked screen on an Oppo phone, the decision ultimately lies with the owner. Of all the repairs, a screen replacement is one of the most straight forward and cost effective repair. When you choose Kixup Repairs for the repair, it's a guarantee that you get the best service possible. Kixup Repairs specialises in mobile phone repairs and can offer top-notch service to replace either an LCD or OLED screen. With their team of experienced technicians and a guarantee on parts and labour, customers know that they're getting reliable service and high-quality materials for their repair.

With a repair, your Oppo will be restored to its original condition without any problems - no matter how severe the screen is damaged. Plus, we even have same day repair or express repair services so you can quickly get back using your Oppo in no time.

With such an extensive range of options provided by Kixup Repairs' expert staff, our customers can trust that their Oppo will receive the best care possible - at an affordable cost too! So whatever choice you make when it comes to replacing your cracked screen, choose Kixup Repairs to take care of it and you won't be disappointed with their outstanding customer service and great results!

Are Oppo phones repairable?

Oppo phones are most definitely repairable.

Whether you're looking for a screen replacement for an Oppo F1s or need help with an LCD issue for the R9s Plus, our technicians have the skills and expertise to get your Oppo back up and running.

We offer a guarantee on all our repairs, so you can rest assured that your Oppo will be as good as new. With competitive rates and fast turnaround times, it's easy to see why so many people choose us for their Oppo phone repairs

Firstly, our experienced team identify the cause of any problem and provide an accurate estimate of repair charges before proceeding. We also stock a wide range of genuine parts to ensure that your repair is carried out using only premium components. Contact us today for more information about our Oppo phone repair services. With years of experience working with these devices, we are confident that we can repair any damage at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner. Don't trust your Oppo phone with anyone else – choose Kixup Repairs for fast, reliable service every time!

Oppo Screen Repairs Final Thoughts

You may have gotten to this page by searching "oppo screen repair Perth" or you've heard of Kixup Repairs from your friends and family. Either way, you can guarantee that your Oppo is safe with us.

To book a repair with us, simply find your Oppo on our website (for screen replacement repairs or LCD/screen issues) or contact us (for any other issues).