Which Apple iPhone Model should you buy

Which iPhone Model Should You Buy

Back in 2007 when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, I bet no one had a deep paralysis of which model they were going to get. There was only one decision they had to make; 4gb or 8gb of storage. Fast forward to today, where Apple have a suite of phones, tablets, watches and more. 

There are two dozen popular iPhone models, each unique in their own way. So, to get to the bottom of this question, we have to find out a little bit more about you. What do you value in a phone? Here are some things to think about:

- Do you game?
- Is your phone your camera?
- Do you need a 4k low light camera, or are standard photos and videos okay?
- How big do you want it to be?
- What sort of budget do you have?
- What storage do you need?
- Do you want access to 5G speeds?

Mentally note your answers, and we'll circle back to them later. Let's cover something very important first.

Don't Bin Your Phone!

Don't throw your phone in the bin

If you're going from iPhone to iPhone, you can send your old phone to Apple and they'll give a credit towards a future purchase. Alternatively, if your phone is in good condition feel free to contact us, we love pre-owned phones if they're in good condition!

It's also important to remember to back-up your phone before you switch. When you get a new iPhone you can transfer all your files and data from one iPhone to another. If you need help with this we're also more than happy to help you out. Apple also has a great guide which you can find HERE.

iPhone Models

The Budget Friendly One

iPhone SE (2022)
iPhone SE 2022 range in multiple colours

This is the third time Apple has revamped it's SE model. Compared to it's 2020 version, there's no difference on the external. Even the older SE cases fit this new model. You'll get the classic iPhone features with a physical home button and thick bezels surrounding the 4.7" LCD screen with Touch ID. What has changed from it's previous models is the processing power. It packs a punch with the new A15 Bionic processor, the same as the one in the iPhone 13 range, meaning you can run some pretty intense games and apps on here. This isn't built to carry a lot of 5G so I would avoid this model if that's important to you. Lastly, the camera is a single-lens set up that takes great day time shots, but not ideal in night scenarios. It's budget friendly because the SE starts at a low $429.

The One For Photographers/Videographers

iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max
iPhone 14 pro max rose gold for photographer and videography

The 14 Pro and Pro Max have insane camera specs. On top of the great features the 13 Pro series had, Apple have reworked the Photonic Engine (for a 2x low-light improvement), Action Mode, and the camera sensor is 65% larger.

For photos, the new ProRAW now shoots at a massive 48MP resolution and f/1.78 aperture.

For videos, the Cinematic mode now supports 4k footage at 30 and 24 frames per second. In layman’s terms, really damn good quality.

The One For Gamers

iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 14 Pro Max for gaming

Not only does it have a great camera, the A16 Bionic chip is a nifty upgrade from the 13 Pro and Pro Max and definitely better than the 12 series. The 14 Pro Max has a battery life up to 29 hours, hosts a 6.7" screen, and has a screen resolution of 1290 x 2796. The 120Hz display rate also gives the whole phone a smoother feel, especially while gaming.

The One For The Average Joe

iPhone 13 Mini
iPhone 13 Mini best overall phone

This is currently one of the smallest smartphones on the market. But don't let it's size fool you, it packs a punch. It has the same A15 Bionic chip as the other iPhone 13 models, has a dual-camera set up, decent battery life and the base model has 128GB of storage. It's a nice companion phone and they start at around $1,199.

Cost Of Repair

Sooner or later you might very well find yourself in a situation where your phone breaks. It could be a broken charge port, screen or even the rear glass. The newer the phone, and the more complex generally calls for a more expensive repair. For example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is $519 for a repair with Genuine Apple Parts, whereas the iPhone SE (2022) is only $235 for Genuine Apple. So you better be extra careful with the Pro and Pro Max series.

Don't Forget A Case

If you're spending anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands dollars, your phone is an investment. Don't be reckless with your investments, especially if they're fragile. Make sure you buy a case at the same time you buy a phone. You can check our range out HERE. It doesn't matter whether you get a Lifeproof, Otterbox or some random home brand. While you're at it, we would also highly recommend getting a screen protector.