iPad Mini 2nd Gen (2013) Touch Screen Repair

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- High Quality Screen Repair
- Apple Certified Technicians
- Lifetime Repair Warranty
- Mail-In & Drop Off Options
- Buy Now Pay Later Options Are Available

    iPad Mini 2nd Gen (2013) Touch Screen Repair - The Ultimate Lifesaver for Your Beloved Gadget

    Don't let a broken screen ruin your day, get your iPad Mini 2 back in action with Kixup Repairs!

    We've all been there - that heart-stopping moment when your precious iPad Mini 2 slips out of your hands and crashes to the ground. You hesitantly turn it over, only to find a shattered screen staring back at you. But worry not, fellow Australians! Kixup Repairs is here to save the day and bring your iPad Mini 2 back to life, all for just $110!

    Why Choose Kixup Repairs for Your iPad Mini 2nd Gen (2013) Touch Screen Repair?

    1. Expert Technicians = Flawless Repairs

    Our team of skilled technicians eat, sleep, and breathe gadgets. They've got years of experience under their belts and have honed their skills to perfection. Trust us when we say they'll treat your iPad Mini 2 like their own, ensuring a flawless repair job. They're all also certified by Apple to repair their devices!

    2. Quality Tested Parts = Quality You Can Rely On

    We don't believe in cutting corners. At Kixup Repairs, we use only the highest quality, premium parts to ensure your iPad Mini 2 looks and functions as good as new. Say goodbye to dodgy repairs and hello to dependable results!

    3. Speedy Turnaround = Reunited in No Time

    We know how important your iPad Mini 2 is to you, which is why we strive to complete your touch screen repair in record time. We'll have your device back in your hands before you can say "Kixup Repairs" three times fast!

    4. No Fix, No Fee Guarantee = Risk-Free Repair

    Our confidence in our technicians' abilities is unmatched. That's why we offer a lifetime repair warranty- if we can't repair your iPad Mini 2nd Gen touch screen, you don't pay a cent! But let's be honest, with our team's expertise, it's highly unlikely that you'll need to use this guarantee.

    5. Friendly Aussie Service = Your Satisfaction Comes First

    As a proud Australian company, we're all about providing top-notch customer service with a friendly smile. Our dedicated team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and ensure your experience with Kixup Repairs is nothing short of amazing.

    So, what are you waiting for? Give your broken iPad Mini 2 the Kixup Repairs treatment and get back to enjoying all the awesome features it has to offer. For just $110, it's the best investment you'll make for your beloved gadget. 

    For models A1489 and A1490
    Select this repair if the touch screen is unresponsive but the LCD is working fine. This may happen even if there is no signs of physical damage to the iPad. If your screen has ink blotches, patterns or lines go HERE