iPad Mini 4th Gen (2015) Screen Repair

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- High Quality Screen Repair
- Apple Certified Technicians
- Lifetime Repair Warranty
- Mail-In & Drop Off Options
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    iPad Mini 4th Gen (2015) Screen Repair - Restore Your Esteemed Device

    Don't let a shattered screen bring you down, breathe new life into your iPad Mini 4 with Kixup Repairs!

    It happens to the best of us - that heart-dropping moment when your prized iPad Mini 4 slips from your hands and takes a nosedive onto the floor. You apprehensively turn it over, only to find a cracked screen. But fret not, fellow Australians! Kixup Repairs is here to mend your device and return it to its former splendour, all for just $250!

    Why Choose Kixup Repairs for Your iPad Mini 4th Generation Screen Repair?

    1. Expert Technicians = Impeccable Repairs

    Our team of proficient and Apple certified technicians are true gadget enthusiasts. With their wealth of experience and commitment to excellence, they'll treat your iPad Mini 4 like their own, ensuring a top-tier repair job.

    2. Lifetime Warranty = Ultimate Confidence

    At Kixup Repairs, we stand by our workmanship and offer a lifetime warranty on every screen repair. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your iPad Mini 4 screen repair is backed by our unrivalled guarantee.

    3. Swift Turnaround = Back in Business in No Time

    We know how vital your iPad Mini 4 is to you, which is why we're dedicated to completing your screen repair as quickly as possible. We'll have your device back in your hands before you know it, so you can get back to enjoying its incredible features.

    4. Genuine Aussie Service = Exceptional Customer Experience

    As a proud Australian company, we're committed to providing top-notch customer service with a friendly touch. Our devoted team is always available to answer any questions you may have and ensure your experience with Kixup Repairs is nothing short of amazing.

    So, what are you waiting for? Give your iPad Mini 4 the Kixup Repairs treatment and get back to enjoying all its remarkable features. For just $250, it's the smartest investment you'll make for your esteemed device. Head over to our website or give us a call to book your repair today!

    For models A1538 and A1550