iPhone Screen Repairs & Replacements

iPhone Screen Repairs & Replacements

iPhones have become a staple in modern life and phone repairs have become a necessary skill for technicians. What I want to dive into today is some common questions we get about iPhones, the most common repairs, iPhone models, and what have high quality parts means.

Did you ever dropped your phone? You jump straight on Google and pop in "iPhone repair near me" and hope you have someone down the street. Well, good on you for thinking of repairing instead of replacing.

An iPhone that needs repair is usually more cost-effective than replacing it with a new phone. For example, if you have a broken screen is cracked or its battery needs replacing, phone repair services often repair that one component, which means it'll be a lower price than buying a new iPhone altogether.

Additionally, most iPhone repairs done by professionals can last as long as the phone itself would, meaning it ends up saving the user money in the long run when compared to the person changing their phone every time something goes wrong.

Some phone repair shops can even specialise in Apple products like iPhones, so customers can be sure they're getting quality service from qualified professionals. As an example, here at Kixup Repairs, we're an authorised Apple repair shop, so we have all the relevant tools Apple use as well as access to authentic parts from the Apple warehouse.

Where can I find Apple-certified repair shops?

Many of us are asked this question. Apple doesn't like giving their tools to any random repair shop, you have to go through many hours of training and assessments. The superstar technicians at both our Mount Isa & Gladstone stores have gone through this training so you can trust that the repairs are of the highest caliber.

How much are screen replacements at the Apple store?

The prices of iPhone screen repairs is available on our website. Here at Kixup Repairs, our prices are extremely competitive against Apple, in the case that you choose the use our selection of high-quality aftermarket parts, it can be much cheaper than using genuine parts. 

All our repairs come with a hassle free lifetime warranty as well. Doesn't matter whether you have a damaged screen, need an iPhone motherboard repair, battery replacement, data recovery etc.

If you opt for genuine screen replacements, we are the same price as what you will get for at Apple as we get our parts directly from them. In some cases genuine is the same price as aftermarket. For example, an iPhone 11 screen repair is $220 for a genuine Apple screen, so we only offer genuine because we previously had aftermarket repairs set at $220.

How much is an iPhone battery replacement?

Manufacturers usually recommend user replace their batteries when the health of them fall under 80%. A quick way to restore your iPhone to it's original glory is by putting in a new battery. When using high grade parts, that alone can fix many issues.

For a battery replacement you would be looking at anywhere between $80-200, For example, a battery replacement for the iPhone 11 Pro Max is $110, for the iPhone XR it's $99, for the iPhone 6s Plus it's $89, and so on. As far as device repairs go, it's not that pricey if you gives you a new device feel.

How can I prevent damage in the future?

A key challenge in manufacturing unbreakable glasses was its ability to shatter when hit by something. A soft fabric increases the chances of scratching. Jobs recognised the shortcomings of plastic and supported the production of prototypes that eventually became gorilla glass.

Installing an efficient screen protector can help prevent scratches and can even even out impact if dropped. Its scratch-repelling properties and replacement costs are very low.

We're always going to suggest that phone cases are a must have. If you're spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your iPhone, I think you should spend a small percentage to protect that investment and avoid a pricey iPhone repair. Cases can start from around $29.

iPhone Data Recovery Services

Our phones are extremely important and can provide valuable data. Your information can be gathered via your phone including your photos and videos of your friends and their lives, and more. It's advisable to get in a habit of doing backups of your iPhone or iPad to avoid losing valuable information. If something bad happens and you do NOT have backup to recover, do not panic. We have data recovery solutions you can contact us about.

However, sorry to say, this isn't a foolproof plan. The only way to absolutely guarantee that your data will be safe is if it's backed on the the cloud (you can use iCloud for ease) or on hard drives.

Do you need repairs on your iPhone?

If you have any physical damage on your iPhone, such as on your iPhone screen, I think you can decide if you need a repair or not. There are however hardware and software problems that aren't so obvious.

This could be a battery replacement, charge-port clean or even an earpiece replacement. We have all the important phone components and can repair most phones with just a short turnaround time.

If you're not sure what iPhone repair you needs, but you know something is wrong, you can book an assessment on our website HERE

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

Because smartphones' backs are often also fashioned out of glass the cracking and brittleness is a bit frustrating. The cracks may be small, but they spread quickly covering the whole phone. This crack is glass which has the potential of breaking itself if it's sharp and dangerous.

This problem can make it very frustrating for many users to find iPhone back-glass repair at an affordable rate in Australia. We have a state of the art laser machine that sorts out any back glass damage. When booked in conjunction with a screen replacement you can even save some money as part of a bundle!

To get a quote send us a message or submit an enquiry

What if I can't see anything on my display?

With an iPhone screen replacement, all three components are incorporated into a single unit with LCD screens. This part will be installed on a frame and restores display and visibility problems. Some issues can occur when the glass hangs off partially. Some could even be ruined, but still functional. Despite how much damage appears, most devices can easily undergo a screen replacement.

What is the iPhone LCD display?

The LCD display on the iPhone is a liquid crystal display. This type of display uses electro-optical technology that utilises two polarised transparent sheets with electrodes. When a current is introduced to the system, microscopic cells move between two states and either block off or let in light to create images on the screen. This sophisticated device allows users to view photos and videos in bright, crystal clear detail, providing an immersive multimedia experience unlike any other type of display.

How long does screen replacement take?

A screen repair can be easily installed in 30 minutes without a booking. All of the iPhone models require slightly different parts and time, so this isn't a concrete rule. With that being said, all our repairs also undergo testing which can make the whole process extend.

Is it worth getting an iPhone repaired?

The common rule for an iPhone repair is that it's better to repair it than replace it. This could be relating to the cost, or the hassle of changing all your data from one phone to another. You may also care about the environment and choose to repair your iPhone so less resources are used.

We think, yes! An iPhone repair is smarter than a replacement for 9/10 people.

What are the 3 most popular iPhone repairs?

Our most frequently iPhone repair problems are: damaged display, battery replacements and charge-port cleaning and replacements.

Can iPhone X display be repaired?

The iPhone X is still quite a popular model so we get asked this a lot. An iPhone X screen replacement is straight forward for out expert technicians. It can most definitely be repaired. You can choose between a high-quality after market screen or a genuine screen from Apple.

How much will it cost to replace my iPhone X screen?

A screen replacement for an iPhone X is priced from $190.

Are there any risks associated with getting an iPhone repaired ?

When considering phone repairs, especially of the iPhone variety, people generally worry about ensuring their device is fixed properly and securely. If any damage occurs during the repair process, or if the phone is not handled with care during phone repairs, there may be a risk of further damage being done to the phone's fragile components.

It is important to check online reviews before deciding on a iPhone repair service and make sure that the technicians have experience specifically with Apple products in order to reduce this risk. There are also risks associated with an iPhone screen replacement, as phone screens are delicate and must be fitted meticulously to ensure that they function correctly after iPhone repairs. For these reasons, it is recommended that iPhone owners take their phone to an experienced phone repair professional as soon as potential damage is noticed in order to minimise any chance of further damage occurring.

These above reasons are exactly why our technicians spent hours studying to become Apple authorised technicians at our store, and you can see online we have over 200 5 star reviews.

Looking for a phone screen replacement near me?

Don't have a high-quality, trusted repair shop near you? No worries! Kixup Repairs offers convenient mail-in services, making it easy for you to get your device professionally repaired without having to stress about anything. Kixup Repairs is an Apple Authorised partner and will provide quality repairs on all models of iPhones with minimal fuss.

We might not be next door, but we don't let borders and boundaries stop us from providing our service Australia wide!

Can you do the repairs yourself or do you have to go to a professional?

Repairing iPhones may sound intimidating, but a screen replacement can actually be surprisingly simple. Depending on the type of phone repair you need, there are a variety of phone repair options available to you. If you need to repair something like your phone screen, many phone parts stores offer affordable kits with all the necessary tools, instructions, and replacement parts needed. In some instances, iPhone repairs can even be done in under 30 minutes by anyone with a little bit of know-how.

With that said, given the average person's expererince with phone repairs, there's a chance you can make something worse by trying to save a buck or two. If something seems too complicated or difficult to take on yourself, as professional phone experts we are also here to help and can execute phone repairs quickly.

How to save money on costly iPhone repairs

An iPhone repair can be an expensive business, but it doesn't always have to be this way. And you don't want to go around having a broken iPhone. If you have an iPhone and require a phone repair, then there are some available options to help you save some money.

For those with a broken iPhone screen, using an aftermarket screens will be cheaper than using genuine Apple screens. The iPhone screen replacement is still done using our professional iPhone repair service.

It's best to be proactive and have things equiped such as a screen protector and phone case. This can save you time and money on iPhone repairs by preventing damages in the first place.

What can we repair?

  • iPhone motherboard repairs

  • Cracked screen/front glass/glass replacement/screen repair

  • Touch module mechanism

  • Internal components

  • Accidental damage

  • iPhone data recovery

  • Battery replacement

  • Charge-port repairs

Price List

If you need your iPhone repaired please reach out to us or book a repair in online.