The Ultimate FAQ For Mobile Phone Shop Repairs

The Ultimate FAQ For Mobile Phone Shop Repairs

Our Services

Here at Kixup Repairs, we fix everything that happens to your device. Our mobile phone repairs include; screen repairs, back glass replacement, battery changes, charge port replacements and water damage/data recovery repairs.

We repair all mobile phone models (where it's better than buying a new one), laptops, computers, and Tablets/iPads, gaming consoles and more. Our professionally trained technicians can resolve any problem. Our online list of prices covers the major brands including: Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

We know how much society loves mobile phones, that's why we take pride and joy in our jobs as technicians, providing our service at the highest quality possible.

If you can't see the repair or product range you need, please contact us or send an enquiry. We believe in high quality and fast customer service without the need to break the bank.

Frequently asked questions

Can you list the basic repairs and maintenance services?

The most popular repair people visit us for is definitely phone screen repairs. Charging issues is a close second, this is usually fixed with either a charge port replacement, or a clean. Going beyond mobile phone repairs, maintenance is a huge area people are seeing us for nowadays. This mainly means cleaning PCs, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Less common issues are things like losing service, sim card, damaged housing, and wifi issues.

How much time does screen repair take?

For cracked and damaged mobile phones and tablets, if we have the part in, repairs could be as fast as 30 minutes to an hour. When you book an appointment we can ensure we have the part in stock, allowing our team to complete the repair fast, free from hassle.

What is the cost of a screen repair?

It could be between $110 to fix older models, and $600 to repair newer phones. You can find the cost for most popular models HERE. We only use high quality parts. In some cases we even use genuine parts from the supplier such as Apple, Google and Samsung.

The cost of repairing the new Apple iPad can be up to $975. The iPad Mini can be as cheap as $110. These repairs can be as fast as 30 minutes to and hour after we've received the iPad at one of our locations.

Are repairs guaranteed or not?

With pride, we can guarantee most mobile phone repairs. In fact, we have a lifetime warranty on our repair service. The only repair we cannot guarantee is when a device is water damaged. This is because it depends on the severity of the damaged device, and time really is of the essence. It may not be worth the price to repair liquid damaged devices.

What stores are near me?

Our two store locations are Gladstone and Mount Isa in Queensland. For anywhere else in Australia, you can order online and mail in your device for affordable repairs. We can ship Australia wide for any cases and accessories you purchase online. It doesn't matter where you are, we also offer warranty to all our customers, Australia wide.

Is it worth it to repair a phone?

In most cases, affordable screen replacements (or other repairs) will prolong the life of the device for at least several years in certain cases. Going to the repair process, rather than replacing a smartphone allows you to enjoy using your current smartphone while more advanced technology is evolving. It also helps you save money.

If you have a Telstra or Optus device, or old devices such as the iPhone 6, it may be worth it to buy a new phone. We can help you with that transition, including the data transfer. Simply reach out to our customer service team and we can help discuss your repair needs.

Our lifetime warranty means you don't have to worry when you get any repairs done.

How much does it cost to the repair lines on my phone?

If you're getting lines across your mobile phone, you'll need a screen replacement. The price varies depending on phone model. You can find the prices for most repairs HERE. If you 're phone isn't on the list - send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

What are the most common phone repairs?

Of our repair service, screen replacements and cracked back glass repairs are the most common we fix. That's why it's a majority of our stock in store.

Do phone repair shops look at your files?

No. It's illegal due to privacy laws to look through your mobile phone or other devices. If we're doing a mobile phone repair, we will need the pin code so we can run certain tests and diagnostics, we not to browse through your personal files. We keep our repair service professional and above board.

Can a phone screen be replaced?

Where parts are available, a mobile phone repair can be done. This covers 99% of all mobile phone models. There are only a few phones that are difficult to acquire parts for, these include models not available in Australia.

All the iPhone, iPads, Google, Samsung, and Oppo models can be replaced at an affordable price.

Should I replace my phone screen myself?

You could probably save some money by doing the phone repair yourself, as long as you have access to high quality parts and the tools needed. We fully support the Right To Repair movement. Whether it's worth the time, hassle, and potential long term consequences, is completely up to you. If we do a screen repair for you, it'll include a lifetime warranty on the service.

Is a screen replacement risky?

In short, no. A screen replacement for any device is what our technicians do best. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our services.

Is it worth changing iPhone battery?

When you unlock your iPhone, go into your settings, you can check your battery health. If your device is under 80%, Apple recommends you get your battery replaced. This is nothing to be worried about as these things naturally happen as you use your iPhone. At Kixup Repairs, we believe repairing is better than replacing. That's why we became an Apple certified repair shop so you can keep your iPhone for longer.

How much does it cost to replace a screen on an Android phone?

This depends on the model. A Samsung Galaxy A11 costs only $185 to repair, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra costs $545. You can check the prices HERE.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen?

This depends on the model. The old iPhone 6 costs only $110 to repair with a high quality aftermarket screen, the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $375, but the new iPhone 13 & 14 Pro Max costs $595 with a genuine Apple part.

How Does Your Lifetime Warranty Work?

All customers to our repair services have lifetime warranty. This is for online or in store device repairs.

This includes a battery replacement, charge port repairs, home button repair, glass replacements, or any other replaced parts.

The warranty does not cover cracks or other user damage, water damage or damage caused by a DIY repair. If our customers come across an issue after we've repaired your device please contact us. We'll assess it and double check the issue and if we determine this is related to the repair, we will fix it with no cost to you. We do this to ensure you that we have a very high standard with the parts we use and the skills of our technicians.

What happens to a water damaged phone?

We do not fix liquid damage on any devices. In a lot of cases a repaired device that has had liquid damage might not last long. The service we provide here is helping recover all the data ,and assist our customers with getting a suitable replacement phone.

The isn't just the battery, but a lot of corrosion can happen if you drop your device in water, or any other liquid. No phone, tablet, or laptop is fully waterproof, despite what the ads may tell you. The location isn't important either, pool, ocean, toilet, they all require a device replacement if fully submerged.

Is it easy to fix sim card issues?

Let's take a fun and simple peek into Kixup Repairs' SIM card fixing process. Our talented tech team starts by giving your phone a thorough check-up to find what's causing the SIM card trouble. They'll look at every part – from the itsy-bitsy hardware pieces to the fascinating world of software – to discover the problem.

Once our clever fixers know what's up, they'll jump into action with a solution that's as smooth as butter. Whether it's a hardware issue needing careful hands and just the right tools, or a software glitch calling for some computer wizardry, our team will work their magic to get your phone back in tip-top shape. So, kick back, relax, and let Kixup Repairs make your SIM card worries vanish like a puff of smoke!